CalTrans Reports Highway 38 Not Closed

By Michael P. Neufeld

UPDATE – Friday, August 17 – 3:14 p.m.

Forest Falls, CA – CalTrans has updated previous reports and indicates Highway 38 is not closed in the Forest Falls area.

CHP and CalTrans transmissions previously indicated the roadway was closed to through traffic. That information has now been updated to report the flooding and mud flow were on Valley of The Falls Drive and other county roads in the area.



Forest Falls, CA – A large mud flow has forced a temporary closure of Highway 38 near the lower bridge in the Forest Falls area.

The California Highway Patrol requested the road closure on Highway 38 from the bottom to Valley of the Falls just after 2 p.m. to prevent vehicles from entering the area.

Scanner transmissions indicate the large mud flow took out the road heading to Bear Paws Ranch and reports are the mud flow re4ached 10-feet high in some locations.


Motorists are advised to turn around and now try to go through mud or water flows and to exit areas subject to flooding.


Updated information may be found at ROTW Alerts.



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