UPDATE: Logger Evicted From Old Santa’s Village

West Coast Timber was evicted today (December 18) from the old Santa’s Village site in Skyforest. (Photo by Kelly Pajak)

By Michael P. Neufeld

UPDATE – Tuesday, December 18 – 2:44 p.m.

Skyforest, CA – ROTWNEWS has confirmed West Coast Timber has been evicted from Santa’s Village.

The eviction — initiated by the Plott Family Trust –began late last month with the serving of papers on the logging concern and today the actual eviction commenced at the 154-acre property. An attorney from the Plott Family Trust reportedly met with Eric Herkins who ran the operation before law enforcement representatives padlocked the main gate.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Court Services Division was on scene shortly before noon at 28950 Highway 18 and secured the property, according to official sources.



Skyforest, CA – The eviction of West Coast Timber from the old Santa’s Village property is reportedly underway.

The old Santa’s Village in Skyforest is for sale. (Photo by Kelly Pajak).

The  154-acre property with pond is currently for sale by the Plott Family Trust and the eviction process began a few days ago, according to a source close to the parties involved, in the effort to remove the logging concern from the property. The site has been inspected several times by San Bernardino County Fire officials and the county has announced plans to take legal action against West Coast Timber to clear the property. The county feels the site has numerous code violations and the wood piles constitute a possible fire hazard.

“We’re prepared to proceed with action against West Coast Timber,” Assistant Fire Chief Peter Briety told ROTWNEWS. Meanwhile, West Coast Timber indicated over a month ago that it would file suit against the county  to protect the assets of the company headed by board chair Betty Herkins, 74. However, if such a suit was filed it was not listed in San Bernardino County Superior Court records at deadline.

Herkins’ son, Eric, who runs the West Coast Timber Operation in Skyforest,  had received a deadline of July 2011 to comply with a county directive to move logs away from Highway 18 to help reduce fire hazard concerns by San Bernardino County Fire.

Brierty explained to ROTWNEWS that when the logs weren’t removed in a timely fashion the county decided to proceed with legal action against the logging concern.





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