NEW LAWS: Governor Signed 876 Pieces Of Legislation

On January 1, 876 new laws will become law in California, ranging from gun control to employment regulations. ROTWNEWS will be previewing some of the laws over the next few days.

By Michael P. Neufeld

Sacramento, CA – California will have 876 new laws on January 1, 2013.

Governor Jerry Brown

Governor Jerry Brown affixed his signature to just under 900 pieces of legislation ranging from gun control to increased vehicle registration fees in San Bernardino County, bills to improve services to veterans and a host of changes to employment laws impacting local businesses.

Our elected leaders in Sacramento actually introduced over 4,000 bills during the regular session but only 996 made it to Governor Brown’s desk. The Democratic governor vetoed 120 bills.


Over the next few days, ROTWNEWS will spotlight a variety of bills starting tomorrow (December 21) with new legislation related to gun control.

Keep in mind that since the incident last week at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, several California legislators have introduced or announced plans to introduce bills addressing additional gun control issues.

Meanwhile, talk of gun control has many California residents scrambling to arm themselves in case legislation is approved banning certain types of weapons.


In addition to the new laws, mountain residents will greet the new year by paying an extra quarter of a percent in sales tax bringing the rate in San Bernardino County to 8 percent. The City of San Bernardino’s sales tax will increase to 8.25 percent on January 1.


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