Person Of The Year Nominees Sought

Jordan Romero was the ROTWNEWS.com and RIMOFTHEWORLD.net Person of the Year for 2011. Nominations are due by December 23 for the 2012 Person of the Year. (Photo by Team Jordan Romero)

By Michael P. Neufeld

Mountain Communities – Who do you think deserves to be the ROTW Person of the Year?

ROTWNEWS.com and RIMOFTHEWORLD.net are seeking nominees for Person of the Year. Last year’s recipient was Jordan Romero, from Big Bear Lake, who brought world-wide attention to the mountain communities by becoming the youngest person to scale the 7 Summits. The person must reside in our basic service area, from Silverwood Lake to Bear Valley, and have made significant contributions to his or her community, club or organization or the mountain communities as a whole.

The deadline for submissions to mneufeld@rotwnews.com is 5 p.m. on Sunday, December 23. The 2012 Person of the Year will be announced the first week of January 2013.


Individuals may nominate themselves, someone they’re worked with or even someone they’ve read about that would be deserving of the Person of the Year recognition. The nominees will be reviewed by ROTWNEWS.com and RIMOFTHEWORLD.net and a selection made.

The nomination should not exceed two pages in length and include the name and contact information of both the nominee and the person submitting the nomination. The personal information is for contact purposes only and will not be published.

The Microsoft Word document should include answers to all of the following questions and sent to mneufeld@rotwnews.com:

Who do you nominate as Person of the Year?

Why should she or he be Person of the Year?

What affiliations does this person have (organizations, boards, business, etc .)?

What is the one thing that really makes this person stand out?


We’re anxious to recognize the Person of the Year who has had local impact in 2012 in the mountain communities,” according to Susan A. Neufeld, president of ROTWNEWS.com. “We’ve intentionally defined ‘impact’ broadly, so feel free to interpret it as you think best.”

We can easily imagine the Person of the Year being someone involved in business, in  the non-profit world, in government, education or in the religious community,” Dave Henderson, president of RIMOFTHEWORLD.net (Vicinitas Corporation) noted. “The honoree might even be a well-known public figure or someone whose efforts haven’t been sufficiently recognized in the mountain communities.”








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