Governor Pardons Three County Residents

Governor Jerry Brown has pardoned 79 Californians including three from San Bernardino County. (File Photo)

By Michael P. Neufeld

Sacramento, CA – Three San Bernardino County residents have been pardoned by Governor Jerry Brown.

The three were among 79 pardons issued by the governor statewide and all had completed their sentences and been released from custody for more than 10 years without further criminal activity, according to the press release issued by the governor’s office. The list of offenses ranged from involuntary manslaughter, drug crimes, driving under the influence and grand theft.

MICHAEL LOMELI -Sentenced April 28, 1994, for the crime of possession of a controlled substance. He served seven months in prison and one year as a parolee. He was discharged February 4, 1996, having completed his sentence.

SCOTT DAVID NELSON – Sentenced February 3, 1976, for the crime of sale and transportation of marijuana. He served two years probation and was discharged February 3, 1978, having completed his sentence.

NICHOLAS WILLIAM ZOUMBOS – Sentenced October 30, 1986, for the crime of possession of a controlled substance. He served three years probation and was discharged on October 30, 1989, having completed his sentence.


The three San Bernardino county residents asked for the governor’s consideration after they secured court certification that they have “lived an honest and upright life” since their release.

Under the process, a pardon doesn’t eliminate a criminal record but does restore some of the person’s rights, including, under certain conditions, their constitutional firearms rights and the right to be called for jury duty.

Once pardons are granted, the California Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are notified so that they may update their records on the applicant. The pardon is then filed with the Secretary of State, the legislature, and becomes a public record.


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