NEW BILLS: Business (Part 1)

There are many new laws impacting business in California that become effective January 1, 2013. Here is Part 1 of those laws. (File Photo)

By Michael P. Neufeld

Sacramento, CA – Governor Jerry Brown signed numerous bills related to doing business in California.

Due to the number of business-related laws, ROTWNEWS will provide a second synopsis of additional legislation tomorrow. Here are a few of the new laws that are effective January 1, 2013:

AB. 16 – HIGH SPEED RAIL AUTHORITY (Henry Perea – D-Fresno) – Establishes a policy for the High-Speed Rail Authority to encourage purchasing high-speed train rolling stock and equipment manufactured in California consistent with federal and state law and continued investment in California businesses.

A.B. 53 – MINORITY ENTERPRISE (Jose Solorio – D-Santa Ana) – Requires major California insurance industry insurers to encourage greater economic opportunities for women, minority, and disabled-veteran business enterprises by reporting data to the Insurance Commissioner.

A.B. 1616 – FOOD SAFETY: COTTAGE FOOD OPERATIONS (Mike Gatto – (D-Burbank) – Creates the California Homemade Food Act to help small and fledgling businesses produce and sell food made out of their homes under a more streamlined regulatory structure.

A.B. 2274 -VEXATIOUS LITIGANTS (Ricardo Lara – D-South Gate) – Permits courts to dismiss meritless lawsuits that were filed only for the purpose of harassment or delay. This measure also closes a loophole in which vexatious litigants could avoid closer judicial scrutiny of their meritless lawsuits.

A.B. 2641 – NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION WEBSITE (Nancy Skinner  – D-Berkeley) – Establishes a single website at GO-Biz with the necessary information and forms that non-profit organizations can use to set up new organizations and comply with California’s statutory and regulatory requirements. This simplifies the incorporation, filing and renewal processes for California non-profits.

S.B. 323 – CALIFORNIA REVISED UNIFORM LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY ACT (Juan Vargas  – D-San Diego) – Makes California law governing Limited Liability Companies more consistent with the law of other states and the Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act, while continuing to protect shareholder rights.

S.B. 1394 – DWELLING SAFETY: CARBON MONOXIDE AND SMOKE DETECTORS (Alan Lowenthal – D-Long Beach) – Implements recommendations of the State Fire Marshal to enhance effective use of smoke alarms in residences. This bill also delays the date by which an owner must install a carbon monoxide device in an existing hotel from January 1, 2013 to January 1, 2016.

S.B. 1510 – CONTRACTS: BIDDER REQUIREMENTS (Roderick Wright – D-Los Angeles) – Tightens the bidder requirements for demonstrating that a small business, micro-business or disabled veteran owned business will serve a commercially useful function in carrying out a state contract so that a bidder may claim a bid preference on competitive state contract awards.



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