$14 Million In Tax Refunds Returned To Sender

The California Franchise Tax Board has received $14 million in returned state income tax refunds. (File Photo)

By Michael P. Neufeld

Sacramento, CA – California tax refund checks totaling $14 million have been returned to the Franchise Tax Board.

The reason some 48,000 Californians haven’t received their state tax refunds is the U. S. Postal Service returned the checks because they were “undeliverable.” The checks range from $1 to $35,000.

In San Bernardino County there are 2,590 returned refund checks totaling $508,358.03.

Here are the numbers for some of the mountain communities:

* CRESTLINE – 32/$20,078.29

* LAKE ARROWHEAD – 24/$12,318.40

* BIG BEAR LAKE – 37/$5,624.74

* BIG BEAR CITY – 22/$1,386.69

* RUNNING SPRINGS – 15/$1,548.05


The biggest problem,” according to Franchise Tax Board spokesperson Denise Azimi, “is people move and don’t change their address.”

State Controller John Chaing, who chairs the FTB, urged taxpayers to update their contact information, “and get the refund before the holiday season.”


Updating an address is as easy as visiting the FRANCHISE TAX BOARD online through the Access MY FTB Account feature. FTB reissues returned refunds automatically once a new address is on file.

Taxpayers expecting a state refund, or unsure if they received their refund, can access FTB’s Check Your Refund States on the same website.


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