CONTEST: Write Your Own Caption

Submit a caption for this photo and enter the weekly WRITE THE CAPTION Contest. Deadline for submissions is 5 p.m. Friday, January 11. (File Photo)

By Michael P. Neufeld

Mountain Communities – ROTWNEWS will provide the photo. You write the caption.

Each week, a new picture will be posted and readers will have an opportunity to compose a caption. And ROTWNEWS will post the submitted “family friendly” captions once they have been approved.

It’s easy to enter. Simply utilize the submit comment form at the bottom of this story and provide your name and contact information. The contact information will not be posted and will be used to award a special prize each week.


Yvonne  G:  “Who Dat?”

M+DfirstaidANDsafety: “I SWEAR.. I didn’t have *** with that woman!”

Karen: “So, I was on the wrong side of the lake when the Santa Ana’s blew – what’s your problem?”

Kelly Holcomb: “I just might not survive this tourist season!”

Ed Knight: “Andy Reid got fired?!?”

Mark Blackburn: “I HATE Monday’s.”

MtnDudeKen!: “What? I LOVED Farrah Fawcett!”

Virginia Paleno: “What? You want me to fly?”

Nancy Pickinpaugh: “You did what?”

Jeani Solomon:  “You forgot your Rim of the World password”

Stephen Tilden: “How much?”

Yvette Davis: “Welcome to Crestline territory.”

Carly Korn: “You lookin’ at me?”

Janet Nelsen: “Bad feather day?”

Jack Winsten: “They told me blow-drying was fun!”

Penny Shubnell: “Good Grief, what is happening to our America?”

Abby Signorio: “It’s crazy hair day.”

Emily Siignorio: “I’m growing it out.”

Linda Harlan White: “Who’s on the phone…the IRS?”

Michael: ” “This is going to be a great year!”

Judith Diamond: “A time to flounder and ponder.”

Carol Kinzel: “Make My day!”

Sher Fairbanks: “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.”

Susi Harp: “Ach Du Lieber…You mean to say there is not Schnitzel in the forest???”

Susan: “You said the power was turned off!”

Allison: “Did u see all those flatlanders running across the highway?”

Monitor: “Just trying a new look for the new year!”

Tracy: “I spent HOW MUCH this Christmas?”

Gary: “What do you mean we’re out of coffee!?!!”

Caroline: ” I knew, I should of put my chains on”

Carol: “Haven’t you ever had a bad hair day!!”

Earl: Honest! officer, I only had one beer.”

Bob Yeomans: “And you thought Phillis Diller was beautiful”

Just George: “Did you see the sneak preview of the new Arnold movie?”

Steve Morris: “Who left the blow dryer on high”

Marcia T: “I think I just saw the Lake Gregory Monster.”





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