County Set To Sue LACSD Over Dam Property

By Michael P. Neufeld

San Bernardino, CA – San Bernardino County wants their dam property back!

County supervisors have authorized County Counsel to file suit against the Lake Arrowhead Community Services District (LACSD) to recover 12.85 acres of land sold by the Lake Arrowhead Dam Commission and San Bernardino County Special Districts  (CSA-70, D-1) for $1. About two years ago, the original plan was for LACSD to construct a district campus with an administration building and a storage  yard for vehicles.

The contract stipulated that the land would revert back to the county if nothing was done by March 3, 2012, a period of 18 months.


When the county inquired about the status of the project,” county spokesperson David Wert told ROTWNEWS in an e-mail, “district officials said they had no intention of moving forward with the original project. They indicated that maybe they’d use the land for district technology infrastructure, including communications facilities.”

Wert reported that when the county said that wouldn’t be suitable, LACSD offered to sell the land back to the county for $250,000.

The county didn’t care for that either,” Wert stated. “The Board of Supervisors has now authorized Council Counsel to file suit against the district to retrieve the land.”

Wert told ROTWNEWS there is no word on if or when the lawsuit will be filed.

Interim LACSD General Manager Mark Veysey told ROTWNEWS via e-mail: “This is pending litigation and it is not appropriate for me to comment at this time.”




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