MWD Raises Big Bear Lake User Fees

Recreational user fees on Big Bear Lake are going up, following action by the Big Bear MWD’s Board of Directors. (Photo by Michael P. Neufeld)

By Michael P. Neufeld

Biog Bear Lake, CA – Recreational activities on Big Bear Lake are going to cost a bit more this year.

Directors of the Big Bear Municipal Water District have voted to adjust fees, in order to help erase a projected shortfall of $150,000.

Scott Huele

General manager, Scott Huele, and the Operations Committee presented the board with three options to address the shortfall and directors voted for option “B”, that will mean 100 percent recovery of operational expenses. The increase is expected to generate an additional $154,578, according to documents presented at the MWD meeting this past week.

The District annually reviews and updates fees charged for services based on a review of expenses and revenue and summarizes them in the Fee Schedule,” Huele stated in his report to the board. “Additionally, the fee schedule is revised based on new initiatives or activities that the Board authorizes during the previous twelve months that have not yet been incorporated into the schedule.”


Here are a sampling of some of the fees adopted by the MWD board:

SEASONAL BOAT PERMITS – Registered/Motorized Vessels

+ $20 – $120 (Permit $110 – Quagga Muscle $10)

SEASONAL BOAT PERMITS – Non-Registered/Non-Motorized Vessels

+ $5 – $50 (Permit $45 – Quagga Muscle $$5)


+ $ 0.55 ($4.90 Per Day)

The RV park utilities fee is calculated annually based on the previous seasons’ actual utility expense divided by the number of days and campsites occupied, according to Huele.


$15 Per Angler or $500 Per Event (whichever is greater)

Huele’s packet to directors shows the angler fee for special events funds fish plants and rainbow trout rearing cages. The district purchases small trout in the fall, feeds them and uses them for special events the following spring and fall after they have grown to trophy sized individuals.





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