Donnelly’s Marshal Plan Would Arm Teachers

Twin Peaks Assemblyman, Tim Donnelly, has introduced AB 202, creating a California School Marshal Plan that would arm trained teachers and school staff. The bill was introduced at a Sacramento press conference on Wednesday. (Photo Courtesy State Assembly)

By Michael P, Neufeld

Sacramento, CA – A School Marshall Plan By Assemblyman Tim Do0nnelly would arm trained teachers.

Donnelly (R-Twin Peaks 33) was joined by six other Republican legislators in announcing Assembly Bill 202 at a press conference in Sacramento. The proposed legislation would allow school districts, county offices of education, and charter schools to use general purpose funds to provide training to any school employee who is qualified to be trained and is willing to carry a concealed firearm on campus. The legislation is designed similar to the air marshal program used by airlines.

In addition. AB 202 would protect those employees’ anonymity by exempting the school marshals from the portion of the Open Records Act dealing with concealed weapons permits. Current law — known as the Gun Free Zone Act of 1995 — allows administrators, teachers, or campus staff to carry concealed firearms if the school permits it.


During the press conference, Donnelly called for developing a plan that provides both true, immediate protection to children, teachers, and serve as a deterrent to future predators like the one at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

“The teachers and administrators at Sandy Hook showed incredible bravery,” Donnelly told media gathered in Sacramento, “laying their lives down for their students. We must honor their sacrifice by ensuring that our teachers are not left defenseless again.

AB 202 will simply allow school districts to fund the necessary training to faculty and staff who are already legally allowed to protect their school,” the Assemblyman explained.

We have a moral imperative to protect the children in our schools,” Donnelly added. “We must do so without abandoning our oath and duty to safeguard the constitutional rights of every Californian, AB 202 will help us accomplish both.”


Joining Donnelly as co-authors are Senator Steve Knight (R-Palmdale 21) and Assembly members Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield 34),  Curt Hagman (R-Chino Hills 55), Diane Harkey (R-Dana Point 73), Brian Jones (R-Santee 71) and Don Wagner (R-Irvine 68).

To date, the bill has not been assigned to a committee.




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