CONTEST 4: Write Your Own Caption

Submit a caption for this photo and enter the weekly WRITE THE CAPTION Contest. Deadline for submissions is 5 p.m. Friday, February 8. (Photo by B & G Auto)

By Michael P. Neufeld

Mountain Communities – ROTWNEWS will provide the photo. You write the caption.

Each week, a new picture will be posted and readers will have an opportunity to compose a caption. ROTWNEWS will post the submitted “family friendly” captions once they have been approved.

It’s easy to enter. Simply utilize the submit comment form at the bottom of this story and provide your name and contact information (telephone number would be helpful). The contact information will not be posted and will be used to award a special prize each week. PLEASE don’t forget!


GREGORY C: “If ya can’t beat em, Photoshop em!”

KEN KRESS (Kdog): “Sheriff’s Department Seeks Tow Operators”

ED KNIGHT: “Dad’s sure going to be happy when he finds out I got this wheel off all by myself!”

EJAN: “Auto Mechanics Union endorses new child labor law.”

CAROLINE: “My dad always makes things look so easy.”

DOE HUFF: “Are you sure Arnold started this way?”

STEVE M: “Just a bit more leverage and I’ll be able to bust this nut loose.”

EARL:  This is not what I had in mind when I asked Santa for “Hot Wheels”

BOB YEOMANS: “Hey dad Tonka trucks are really cool”

DAVID CHINITZ: “…..Mmmm….Righty-Tighty….Lefty-Loosy”

MONITOR: “Just got the chains off. . .now this.”


“Finally! Duck Soup in 3D!”

The winning caption was submitted by Janis Elliott. Janice receives a $20 gift certificate from the BORDERLINE BAR & GRILL in Cedar Glen. Congratulations Janis.


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