UPDATE: Contents Of Christopher Dorner’s Truck Released

The Irvine Police Department and law enforcement officials have started releasing information about Christopher Dorner’s burned vehicle found in Big Bear early February 7. (Photo by CasperNews)

By Michael P. Neufeld

UPDATE – Saturday, February 9 – 1:10 p.m.

Irvine, CA – Some of the contents of Christopher Dorner’s burned truck have been released.

The burned Nissan Titan was located on a U. S. Forest Service Road  on Thursday, February 7, and eventually turned over to the Irvine Police Department, where Dorner allegedly killed two people.

Sources close to the investigation — including the Irvine Police Department –are releasing information to the media about the items found in the vehicle.

For example, KCBS-TV in Los Angeles is reporting several weapons and cold weather survival items were inside the destroyed vehicle. The station also lists a Coleman stove, propane gas supplies and a cot, as well as additional items.

A question at a recent news conference by a reporter about the apparent broken axle on the truck went unanswered. However,  KCBS-TV also reports the axle was indeed broken and may have altered Dorner’s plans to carry out items on his manifesto.


UPDATE – Saturday, February 9 – 4:10 a.m.

Big Bear Lake, CA – The search for Christopher Dorner continues Saturday morning.

Searchers worked until nightfall in winter conditions following up on leads and checking homes and cabins for the suspected murderer.

Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Cindy Bachman told media representatives at a press briefing that tracks discovered earlier Friday were not related to Dorner.

We found foot tracks and ski tracks and determined they were from cross county skiers,” Bachman stated. She also explained a cabin door kicked in was determined to be an old break-in and wasn’t related to the fugitive.

Snow is really slowing down the search,” Bachman stated, “and we don’t have air support.”


While the search wasn’t conducted overnight, the Big Bear Sheriff’s Station’s regular staffing was supplemented by 12 2-person units, Bachman noted.

The public information officer also informed media that the command post was moving to the Bear Bear Sheriff’s Station at 777 Summit Boulevard in Big Bear Lake.

We have to give this building back to the owner,” Bachman explained.


The Irvine Police Department has established a Tip Line at (949) 724-7192.


UPDATE – Friday. February 8 – 12:30 p.m.

Big Bear Lake, CA – The search for Christopher Dorner continues non-stop.

We continue to push forward in the search,” Sheriff John McMahon told a noon press conference in Big Bear Lake. “We have the proper equipment and over 100 law enforcement personnel involved and will continue looking until we have him in custody or credible evidence that he is no longer in this area.”

Sheriff McMahon indicated Dorner’s burned pickup truck will be released to the Irvine Police Department for further processing and storage.


Big Bear Mayor Jay Obernolte spoke briefly at the press conference indicating there “is no panic in our community.”

Obernolte indicated many residents of Big Bear are armed but urged them to contact authorities if they spot Dorner.

I urge you to call 9-1-1 and let law enforcement deal with it,” Obernolte stated.

Meanwhile,” Obernolte told the media, “enjoy your time in Big Bear Lake.”


UPDATE – Friday, February 8 – 9:53 a.m.

Big Bear Lake, CA – Over 100 law enforcement officers continue their search for Christopher Dorner.

We will continue our search regardless of the weather,” Sheriff John McMahon told a Big Bear press briefing. “We’re doing everything we can to catch this guy.”

Sheriff McMahon, who indicated he had just talked with Congressman Paul Cook who offered any assistance he could help provide from Washington, told reporters officers had searched over 400 homes in the area near where Dorner’s burned truck was located on a Forest Service Road.

The truck is being processed in Riverside,” McMahon explained.

McMahon praised the many law enforcement agencies involved in the search and thanked Supervisor James Ramos and the board of supervisors for providing resources to assist in  the search.

Special thanks to San Bernardino County Fire for providing snow cats so our search could continue overnight as weather conditions prohibited use of our aerial resources,” McMahon added.

McMahon said officers had followed up on several leads…but that they hadn’t panned out.


McMahon talked about the schools closing and how his department’s primary concern is protecting the people of Bear Valley and keeping them safe.

That’s our primary concern,” McMahon said.


The Big Bear Lake Resort Association issued the following statement:

Big Bear Lake Resort Association is pleased to know law enforcement authorities continue to search for multiple murder suspect Christopher Dorner in the Big Bear area. The announcement at the most recent press conference given by San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon announced that the two top priorities are to keep deputies and the community of Big Bear safe.  

The most recent press conference has given the Big Bear community more assurance to keep Big Bear open for business. Big Bear will remain open until law enforcement authorities can confirm Dorner is still in the area or not. At that time Big Bear Lake Resort Association will reassess the situation for business reasons.”


ROTWNEWS has been working very closely with CASPERNEWS on coverage of the search for Christopher Dorner. Here are a few pictures from yesterday’s search in Big Bear.

A Sheriff’s helicopter joins the search for Christopher Dorner.

The burned pick-up trucking belonging to Christopher Dorner was found on a Forest Service road near Big Bear.

Investigators maker a preliminary examination of Dorner’s pickup truck. It was later taken to Riverside for processing.

The SWAT vehicle was used to transport officers to several remote locations.



San Bernardino, CA -The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department has issued a PUBLIC SAFETY ALERT.

The alert — issued from Sheriff’s Headquarters in San Bernardino — concerns Christopher Jordan Dorner, 33, who is the subject of a massive federal, state and local manhunt. The suspect is considered armed and extremely dangerous.



At 2:30 p.m. on February 7, 2013 Sheriff John McMahon confirmed the vehicle used in the murder of a Riverside police officer was found burned on a forest road in Big Bear. The vehicle belonged to Christopher Jordan Dorner, a former LAPD officer, who is suspected of murdering a couple in Irvine, as well as shooting two Riverside Police officers, one of whom died as a result of his injuries.

An extensive search for the suspect continues in the Big Bear Valley and the department is asking the public to be vigilant about their surroundings. There is no curfew in place but uniformed law enforcement officers are going door-to-door in the Big Bear area in an effort to find Dorner. The public should be aware of suspicious cars or people in the area and open the door only to those they know, or uniformed law enforcement officers.

Additional personnel have been deployed to the Big Bear Valley and will remain in the area until Dorner is located, or it is determined he is out of the area.

Dorner is considered armed and extremely dangerous. If you have any information regarding his whereabouts please call 911 immediately.


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