Special Districts Change Election Dates

By Susan A. Neufeld

The following Special Districts Boards have recently voted to change their election years from odd-numbered to even-numbered years. The dates of the districts’ next elections are as follows:

DISTRICT                                                      ELECTION DATE             PHONE NUMBER

Crestline Sanitation District                        November 6, 2018                (909) 338-1751

Crestline Village Water District                  November 6, 2018                (909) 338-1727

Rim of the World Recreation

and Parks District                                        November 6, 2018                 (909) 337-7275

Crestline-Lake Arrowhead Water

Agency Division 3                                        November 3, 2018                 (909) 338-1779

As a result of these moves, the current board member terms will be extended by one year. If you have any questions, please contact the districts at the phone numbers provided.




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