“Crestline Revitalization Meeting” Wednesday, August 23 at San Moritz Lodge

By Susan A. Neufeld


Crestline, CA – The Crestline Communities Development Alliance is presenting Crestline Revitalization August 23, at 6:00 p.m at the San Moritz  Lodge, located at 24640 San Moritz Drive, Crestline.

The meeting will be advantageous, not only to the residents of Crestline, but also to those of Lake Arrowhead and Running Springs. Those attending will learn that the proposed zoning changes will allow for more diversity in commercial zoning and how the communities will be able to provide suggestions for local standards within the “Mountain Village overlay”. The ” Mountain Village Overlay” will tailor the zoning for the community character, cooperative use of facilities and encourage emphasis on the natural environment of the area.

Items that will be discussed are Proposed Zoning Changes for commercial properties and a Community Action Plan. The Community Plans are being changed from local regulations to “Action Plans” through Community Plan Workshops conducted by the Land Use Services Department. Economic goals and aspirations were documented. The Action Plan provides guidance and assigns specific goals to local organizations or agencies along with steps to achieve these goals.

Though the Draft Community Plans are not yet available to the public, once released, they will be view-able at: http://www.countywideplan.com/cp. Information gathered at the workshops, and used to develop the goals, is currently available at this website — along with the draft maps that were presented to the planning commission.

This is a meeting to better prepare the community for the County’s regional meeting, which is intended to be scheduled in October. The primary goal is to allow community members to submit any suggestions regarding the overlay areas, and for community groups to consider stepping up to being the champion of a cause, by becoming the primary group to coordinate activities or fundraising to accomplish one of the identified community goals.

If you want a voice in the future of Crestline come to the meeting, Wednesday, August 23 at 6:00 p.m. at the San Moritz Lodge, Crestline.


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