Born of Disaster

RIMOFTHEWORLD.net has served the San Bernardino mountain communities since August 2003. RIMOFTHEWORLD.net was conceived to provide a single website to meet the information needs for residents and visitors to the region. During the tragic Grand Prix and Old Fire in October 2003, RIMOFTHEWORLD. net became the primary online source for news and information.   The reporting provided during the fire and its aftermath demonstrated that online media was the most accessible way to communicate critical information and help bring communities together. A dedicated team of volunteers maintained a round-the-clock narrative summary of emergency radio communications, building the foundation for the RIMOFTHEWORLD.net Alerts Team.

Out of the Ashes

This model of information proved not only valuable during the crisis, but afterwards in the recovery. And, as the communities returned to business-as-usual, RIMOFTHEWORLD. net provided the town square for residents to keep in touch and keep up-to-date on local news and information. With the addition of classified ads and banner advertising in 2004 and 2005, RIMOFTHEWORLD.net also proved to be valuable to business owners, bringing the advertiser’s message to tens of thousands of potential customers.

New Media  In 2007, RIMOFTHEWORLD.net was tested once again during the Butler I, Butler II, Slide and Grass Valley fires as a source of news. Within the first few hours of the October 2007 fires, site traffic shot to over 2 million page views per day. Soon RIMOFTHEWORLD.net’s credibility as a news source was confirmed when our local fire coverage was cited by national and international media outlets such as CNN, BBC, and NBC. Today, with daily real-time news coverage, RIMOFTHEWORLD. net has emerged as the predominate news outlet for the San Bernardino National Forest communities. Peek traffic for the site is in excess of 10 million page views a month with 500,000 unique visitors. RIMOFTHEWORLD.net provides advertisers a unique avenue to reach the Southern California market where millions recreate during the year.


In 2007, The Vicinitas Company,  (Vi-cin-i-tas) was created to act as a parent company for our emerging technologies.   Vicinitas, is Latin, meaning community and is the origin word for vicinity.  In 2011 Vicinitas incorporated becoming the Vicinitas Corporation. In 2010 RIMOFTHEWORLD.net split off the News Division and created ROTWNEWS.com.  Then in 2011, both sites were redesigned to meet the needs of current industry standards and new browser technologies.  Early 2012, brought our latest venture, InlandToday.com.  InlandToday, expands our news coverage off the mountain and into the valley regions of the Inland Empire of Southern California.