ERNIE HUDSON: No Longer Chasing Ghosts – Tracking Down Bad Guys (VIDEO)

Lake Arrowhead regular Ernie Hudson stops chasing ghosts and tracks down “bad guys” in FOX Television’s “APB” that premiers Monday, February 9. (Photo by FOX Television)

By Michael P. Neufeld

Lake Arrowhead, CA – While the Original Ghostbusters star Ernie Hudson may not call Lake Arrowhead home he has spent a great deal of time in the community involved in the former Lake Arrowhead Film Festival and meeting with local filmmakers.

Ernie Hudson is Sergeant Ed Conrad in “APB.” (Photo by FOX Television)

Now, Hudson has joined the cast of FOX Televisions “APB” as Sergeant Ed Conrad and set aside chasing ghosts in favor of tracking down bad guys.


In the FOX Television series — which debuts Monday, February 9, at 9 p.m. — Hudson co-stars oppositive Justin Kirk (Gideon Reeves) and Natalie Martinez (Detective Amelia Murphy).

Hudson’s role as the gruff and grumpy Sgt. Conrad with Chicago’s 13th Precinct helps explore what happens when a tech billionaire (Kirk) purchases a troubled police department precinct following the murder of a loved one.

“APB” is based on a New York TIMES article “Who Runs the Streets of New Orleans.”

Hudson — who was cast as Sgt. Conrad on March 15, 2016  — isn’t pleased with the arrival of the precinct’s new proprietor.