SLASH AND PILE BURNING: Highway 38 Motorists May Observe Smoke

FS Pile Burning
Smoke from pile burns near Forest Service Road 2N93 may be visible along Highway 38. (Photo by

By Michael P. Neufeld

Mountain Communities – Motorists on Highway 38 may observe smoke from slash and pile burning operations near Forest Service Road 2N93. The operation began with a test burn and once burning conditions were met the actual burning of the piles commenced.


FS Logo LargeThe U.S. Forest Service reports the controlled burns are part of the on-going community protection fuels reduction program.

The Forest Service indicates that ignition of all prescribed burns is dependent on the availability of personnel and equipment, appropriate conditions, and in coordination with the National Weather Service and South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) before and during prescribed burns in order to manage smoke production and minimize impacts as much as possible.

Fire managers follow a burn plan that outlines the “prescription” or environmental conditions; such as temperature, wind, fuel moisture, ventilation, and relative humidity that need to be present before the project begins.

When the criteria are met, crews implement, monitor, and patrol each burn to ensure it meets the goals and objectives outlined by managers.


Signs will be posted along the roadways to alert passerby’s to the burning activity.