ROAD OPEN: Highway 18 From Highway 138 To Crest Forest Drive (UPDATE 3)

Rocks of all shapes and sizes tumbled onto Highway 18 in The Narrows near Crestline causing an extended closure of the roadway. It is now open. (Photo by Caltrans)

By Michael P. Neufeld

UPDATE 3: Tuesday, January 24 – 8:16 a.m.

Crestline, CA – Caltrans is reporting The Narrows on Highway 18 between Crest Forest Drive (Crestline) and the Crestline Bridge (Highway 138) is now open.


UPDATE 2: Monday, January 23 – 11 a.m.

Crestline, CA – Caltrans has announced that The Narrows  will remain closed for an unknown duration due to a massive rock slide between Highway 138 and Crest Forest Drive.

Caltrans spokesperson Terri Kasinga told that “an emergency contract is in the work for repairs.”

Heavy fog in the area greeted Caltrans personnel when they surveyed the damaged roadway Monday morning and observed the slides that took out steel netting allowing rocks of all shapes and sizes to cover traffic lanes.

Crest Forest Drive is being utilized as a detour during the closure.

The steel netting gave way on Highway 18 — The Narrows — making it unsafe to reopen the roadway until emergency repairs can be completed. (Photo by Caltrans)
A Caltrans worker checks what remains of the steel netting that was heavily damaged by falling rocks on Sunday. (Photo by Caltrans)


UPDATE: Monday, January 23 – 3:03 a.m.

Mountain Communities – Caltrans crews cleared the Highway 18 closure near Arrowbear and immediately had to deal with a massive rock slide in The Narrows (Crestline) that forced a closure between the Crestline Bridge (Highway 138) and Crest Forest Drive.

A detour is available but The Narrows will be closed until crews can safely begin clearing the slide that took out steel netting allowing rocks to tumble directly on the roadway.

Steel netting — like this — gave way dumping rocks and debris on Highway 18 forcing the temporary closure between the Crestline Bridge (Highway 138) and Crest Forest Drive. (Photo by


Running Springs, CA – Highway 18 was closed Sunday evening due to flooding from 3 miles north of the junction of Highway 330 (Arrowbear) to 3.7 miles north of the Big Bear Dam.

Multiple vehicles reportedly stuck in the closed area.

The CHP and Caltrans have not indicated when they anticipate reopening the roadway.

Motorists are advised to utilize another route.