Couple Drive Vehicles Off Highway 18 in Suspected Suicide Attempts

Running Springs, CA – Two vehicles that went over the side of Highway 18 in Running Springs on Saturday, hours apart, are suspected to be related suicide attempts, one of them successful, the California Highway Patrol has determined.

The drivers of the two vehicles were boyfriend and girlfriend, both from Riverside, according to the CHP news release.

About 9 a.m. Saturday, CHP officers were called to a turnout at the 4,000-foot level for a vehicle that drove off the edge of the highway. An officer stated, on Saturday, that the car rolled more than 2,500 down a steep hillside.

Officers learned Jennifer Mae Shipcott, 45, drove her white 2012 GMC Terrain, south on Highway 18 and off the turnout, the news release says.

The vehicle came to rest on a lower section of Hwy. 18, where Shipcott was pronounced dead at the scene.

The release states that the authorities are investigating the crash as a suicide..

Later that day, Shipcott’s boyfriend, Paul Albert Chuderski, 42, drove his black 2005 Nissan Titan off the road at the same location where Shipcott crashed, according to the release.

It is believed that the later incident was a suicide attempt as well, according to the CHP. The release did not provide any information on Chuderski’s current condition.