Special Hearing Regarding Proposed Ordinance On Short-Term Rentals In The Mountain Communities

By- Susan A. Neufeld

Mountain Communities – The San Bernardino County  Land Use Services Department will hold a special hearing March 23, 2017 at 9:00 a.m. The location of the meeting is 385 Arrowhead Ave. 1st floor, Covington  Chambers. The meeting is regarding a proposed Ordinance amending the Department Code to revise the regulations for short-term Private Home Rentals  in the Mountain Communities.

The Land Use Services Department has been working with concerned property owners and residents of the Mountain Communities to update the County’s existing Short-Term Rental Ordinance.  The result is a proposed amendment that will address issues relating to noise, parking, over-crowding and tenant behavior in rental units through out the Mountain Region.

The proposed Short-Term Private Home Rental Ordinance will encourage tourism in the Mountain Region and will continue to protect public health and safety.

To read the entire proposed ordinance go to  http://cms.sbcounty.gov/lus/Planning/PlanningCommission/Agenda.aspx