POCKET Award Nominations Being Sought By Youth Coalition

By Susan A. Neufeld

Mountain Communities – Rim Communities for Youth Council Coalition (RCFY) is looking for people who are having an impact on the lives of kids in our local communities. Once identified they will be eligible to receive a “POCKET” Award.

The POCKET Awards ceremony takes place on Saturday May 20, 2017 during the Rim Communities Health & Resource Fair at 607 Forest Shade Road in Crestline.

Nominations must be received by May 12@ 5 p.m.


The POCKET award acknowledges community members who volunteer their time to provide support and encouragement to our youth in ways that help safeguard them against drugs  and alcohol abuse. Awards are based on “protective factors” such as solid family bonds and the capacity to succeed in school.


The Rim Communities for Youth Council (RCFY) is currently accepting nomination in the following categories.

  • Family Advocate – Parent leaders, parent advocates, and child advocates who facilitate parent education or who work to prevent violence, abuse and neglect.
  • Success In School Performance – Individuals who volunteer to support the education of children including educational environment, materials, and academic needs.
  • Promoting Positive peer Affiliations – Individuals who encourage strong bonds and friendships among young people.
  • Mentoring Hero – Individuals who encourage kids to reach their highest potential.
  • Prevention Champion – Community members who work to encourage kids to avoid drug and alcohol use and who use their time, talents, and energy to keep our mountain safe from alcohol and drugs.

Last years POCKET winners were Barbara Steiner, Penny Shubnell and Laura Dyberg. Each of these individuals were awarded high honors for their excellent work in protecting the children of the  mountain communities.


If you would like a nomination form, or would like more information please contact RCFY partner, Jacqueline Sevier at (9909) 336-1800 or jsevier@rimfamilyservices.org.