By – Susan A. Neufeld

Mountain Communities – Rim of the World Recreation and Park District will offer dog training classes taught by Karen Singleton.  Singleton has 40 years experience in dog training.

“Dog training begins with the owner” says Singleton. Singleton has designed an all-inclusive Dog/Owner Training Program that enables owners to find, develop and enjoy that “Lassie-like” bond we dream of having with our dogs.  Owners may select any of all classes that apply to their needs. Minimum age of dogs is 8 weeks old. Minimum age of participant is 8 years old with adult. You must bring your dogs vaccination records.



Classes will be held Mondays, Twin Peaks Senior Center or Thursdays, Running Springs Hootman Center.

Free “Introduction to Dog Training Sessions will be held April 10, June 5 and July 24 at the Twin Peaks Senior Center, and April 13, June 8, and July 27 at the Running Springs Hootman Center.

For more information and pre-registration visit: Rim Of The World Recreation and Park District.