2017’s First Game of Skate Event a Huge Success!

Crestline – About one hundred and seventy five attendees made it out to 2017’s first Game of Skate event last Thursday, the 13th! Spectators cheered as eighteen skaters competed for first place and the coveted prize: a brand new board and merchandise from the Pharmacy Board Shop. Students of many ages were able to compete in the elementary/middle school or high school/young adult categories. The competition was fierce, but in the end, Levi Wonelle (elementary/middle school age competitor) and Anthony Cotter (high school/young adult age competitor) walked away as champions!

The Game of Skate event series is an effort of the Rim Communities for Youth Coalition to “take-back” the Crestline Skatepark, with the ultimate goal of restoring it to a safe, fun place for kids in our community to skate. The skatepark itself has, unfortunately, gained a poor reputation due to the amount of negative activity that occurs there. Many youth even have named it “The Pharmacy” because of all the drug-related incidences that occur there. We want to see this reputation change! Many community partners have come together to reach this goal! The event sponsors included the Rim of the World Recreation and Parks District (provided music/ equipment and hosted), the Lake Gregory Recreation Company (provided the venue), the Phoenix Club (provided free food), RiverLord Skate Company (MC’d the event), the Pharmacy Board Shop in Rancho Cucamonga (provided prizes) and, of course, the Rim Communities for Youth Coalition (the event organizer). This is just a taste of a growing list of community partners who want to see the skatepark and our community’s youth thrive and succeed!

Keep up with the Crestline Skatepark on Facebook! For more information about the Rim Communities for Youth Coalition and the skatepark effort, call Chris Barrett at Rim Family Services at (909) 336-1800, or check out the coalition on Facebook!