Lake Gregory Preparing for Memorial Day

By Susan A. Neufeld

Crestline, CA – Lake Gregory’s swim beach is on track to be dredged of sediment and adorned with fresh sand, new barbecue facilities and other amenities in time for Memorial Day.

The County secured the final of several permits needed from state and federal agencies to begin the work, starting Monday, May 8, 2017. Dredging in the swim area should be completed by May 18, then the fresh sand and other features will be added, just in time for the holiday weekend.

The improvements at swim beach are the first phase of a summer-long project that will see the dredging of other portions of the lake.  The materials obtained from the dredging will be used to augment the Lake Gregory Dam.

Second District Supervisor Janice Rutherford said ” I really appreciate the patience and support the community has provided during this process. The work will result in significant long-term improvements to lake amenities and water quality, which is good for business.”

Once work is completed at the swim beach, dredging operations will move to an area off the south swim beach parking lot and eventually to the San Moritz area. None of these operations, which are expected to extend into August, will disrupt recreational activities. Dredging will not take place Friday through Sunday.