Wildfire and Arson Awareness Week Is May 7-13

By Susan A. Neufeld

Mountain Communities – May 7 through May 13 is Wildfire and Arson Awareness week. A press conference was held in Devour, CA,  sponsored by San Bernardino County Fire, CalFire, US Forest Service, law enforcement and Fire Safe Councils.

In spite of all the rain we’ve received this winter, the temperature will rise and the vegetation will begin to dry out.

Residents are encouraged to help these agencies by clearing vegetation and debris from around the home (defensible space), creating a wildfire preparedness plan, and reporting suspicious fire activity.

Fire Chief Mark Hartiwg , of SBCo Fire, also encourages residents to get involved in one of 4 community programs as part of the newly implemented Emergency Support Services.

We invite you to join forces with SBCoF ire, and all fire agencies, in saving lives by preventing wildfires and reporting arson activity.  Be vigilant in wildfire preparedness, and help reduce risking the lives of firefighters by evacuating when asked by law enforcement.

One spark is all it takes to start a devastating wildfire, but preparedness is how we defend ourselves.  IF YOU SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING!

For more information  visit SBCo Fire web page http://www.sbcfire.org and download their Ready Set, Go! Guide.