By Joseph Kelly

Big Bear, CA – Some people like to run or swim or bike. These folks do it all, in one day! In fact, they do it in just a few hours. The Big Bear Triathlon will range across the valley on Saturday, June 24, 2017, with two course lengths — Olympic and Sprint. There are also two-sport events with bike/run (Duathlon) and swim/bike (Aquabike).

Big Bear Valley provides a challenging set of athletic endeavors for the participants, with the terrain and an altitude around 7,000 feet. At this altitude, top performance will be demanded for all portions of the event; water temperatures are expected to warm up by that time but, currently, Big Bear Lake is showing 54 degrees, as of writing time.

The Big Bear Triathlon website says: “The San Bernardino Mountain will challenge your triathlon abilities in the most beautiful of environments.” And isn’t that true! The valley hosts runners, hikers and water sport enthusiasts from around the world, not to mention snow sports. To locals, Big Bear is “a little piece of heaven”, just an hour or two from the metropolis.

A few local triathletes contacted said that they are not participating, since they have been concentrating on marathon running lately. Triathlons require special cross training to excel. We will see who enters for this daunting event.

There is always something happening along the Rim, May shows an all biking event with the Tour of California Amgen Time Trials, also in Big Bear.

Happy run, swim,and bike!

For more details about the Big Bear Triathlon and to register for the event,  go to Big Bear Triathlon.