Jump in the Lake – Lake Board That Is

By Susan A. Neufeld

UPDATE 1 Tuesday May 16, 2017 2:45 p.m.

The Big Bear Municipal Water District (MWD) has made a recommendation to the County Board of Supervisors to appoint Frank Howes, to fill the Board seat left vacant by the resignation of a Director in February.

The MWD fell short of an actual appointment due to some unspecified concerns from the Board of Supervisors.

Frank Howes, ran for election to the Board in 2014. If finally appointed by the Board of Supervisors, Howes would serve the remaining length of the term, which is until November 2018.

The seat represents the area of “Division 2” which is most of the City of Big Bear Lake, in the valley wide District.

For more information about the MWD go to: http://www.bbmwd.com/



Original Story

Big Bear , CA – It’s called the Big Bear Municipal Water District, but they manage the Lake. After the resignation of one of the five Directors of the BBMWD, the Board must decide on a few options regarding the vacancy. The Board may fill the vacancy by appointment, let the seat stay vacant for to a special election or not fill the seat.


If the Lake Management Board does not till the seat in the time allowed by law, the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors may do so. The County may also leave the seat open. All of this means that there are some serious questions facing the MWD Board.

The special Board meeting, on May 8th, was to interview three possible applicants who expressed interest in the seat. Those interviewed were Crisann Conroy, Craig Smith and Frank Howes. Although it was a public meeting, all of the potential applicants agreed to be interviewed separately, not sitting in on the other interviews. The three faced questions on qualifications, vision for the future of the lake, priorities and availability to participate in several meetings each month.

Board members remarked that all of the interviewees showed qualifications and knowledge; thanking them for coming forward. The next step is planned to be a discussion in the Administrative Committee before the end of May and a possible recommendation to the full Board as to the way to proceed. Any decision between the available options and applicants will be made by the full Board.


Among issues discussed were the cost of a special election, which was stated to be about sixty four thousand dollars ($64,000), compared to fourteen thousand dollars ($14,000) for a regular election; and what would happen in the event of a tie vote among the four remaining Directors.

Details about the MWD Board and Big Bear Lake can be found at: http://www.bbmwd.com/