POCKET Awards Given at Rim Communities Health & Resource Fair

By Susan A. Neufeld


Crestline, CA – POCKET Awards went to Sarah Jamison, Cathryn Jackson and Michael P. Neufeld. They were awarded during the Rim Communities Health & Resource Fair by Jacqueline Sevier from Rim Family Services.

The POCKET Awards acknowledged community members who volunteer their time to provide support and encouragement to youth in the mountain communities in ways that help safeguard them against drugs and alcohol abuse.

Sevier – who shared background information on the volunteer activities of each of the three deserving recipients – led the applause as Jamison, Jackson and Susan Neufeld, accepted on behalf of her late husband Michael, received their awards.



Johnson is an active community member who was active in the formation and activation of the Running Springs Safety Coalition. RSSC & Sarah are concerned with the well-being of the community members.  As a founder of RSSC Sarah has lead the way to a safer community. She supports the fight against drug and alcohol abuse.

Sarah is heavily involved in the fight against sexual slavery and child pornography. She is also active in child rescue missions of kidnapped children

She is a representative of Communities United, helps with Meals on Wheels, Project Child Save and is an active member of Rotary International.



Jackson is a volunteer for the Head Start program and volunteers 30 or more hours a week in the schools. She has been volunteering in the Rim Communities School since her own children were school age.

She is an artist and has made posters and game boards for the classroom. She has written and illustrated a book for our children about germs. She does anything that is needed in the schools to make a better learning environment for children. She will do any job that needs to be done in the school. If they need help in the kitchen she is there or in the classroom. If there is no specific job needed she comes up with her own ideas that can provide learning and enjoyment for the children.

Carolyn has provided activities for the children in the Head Start Program that have helped children learn about health, numbers, letters and manners. The volunteer work she does at our school is helping develop better students and citizens for the future. Because she has been volunteering for over 20 years she has had a positive impact on multiple generations.



Mike Neufeld – File Photo 2005

As a journalist, Mike was very supportive of our youth. He not only wrote about them but managed to go in person to see our youth compete or perform their activities so he could write and update or follow up a story. There are many journalists that do not take these extra steps to show support for our youth; by his presence, his love of community and a life long vow to be positive in all aspects of his life, he accomplished this.

Kids would see their name and pictures  online, and this would make them feel like real “winners”. We all like to see our names in print and our picture with a story, however, it becomes magnified with children. This kind of action, respect and support can and probably has made a huge difference in our children’s lives.

He treated everyone he met with respect, regardless of age. He was an icon on this mountain who will be remembered for many years to come. He taught fairness and equality. He supported school events, skateboard activities, kids competing for various contests and programs. He held our youth in high esteem.