Board of Supervisors Considered Short-Term Ordinance at May 23 Meeting

By Susan A. Neufeld


San Bernardino, CA – The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors conducted a public hearing to consider an ordinance to amend provisions in the Development Code relating to Short-Term Private Home Rentals.

Short-Term Private Home Rentals (STRs) are regulated by the Development Code and are issued permits by the Code Enforcement Division of the County’s Land Use Services Department. Currently, STR permits are issued only in the Mountain Region. Additional amendments are under review to add requirements for STRs in the Desert Region.

The amendments to the Development Code were proposed to address issues related to noise, parking, overcrowding and other potential impacts on neighborhoods. Code enforcement worked on this draft for about two years, and received a lot of input from stakeholders from across the Mountain Region.

Some of the key provisions of the proposed ordinance include expanding permit requirements to apply to multi-family units, notification of the STR permit application expanded to a 300-foot radius, more specific maximum occupancy standards, on site parking requirements amended to be based on the number occupants,prohibiting rental for commercial use, more stringent standards for owner response to complaints regarding nuisance complaints and enhanced provisions for enforcement and revocation.

The ordinance is scheduled for final adoption on Tuesday, June 13,2 017 on the consent calendar.