MCH Foundation Raised $140,000 for New Cardiac Monitors for ER

By Susan A. Neufeld


Lake Arrowhead, CA – Mountains Community Hospital Foundation is excited to announce that, because of donations totaling over $140,000, including a grant award, of $97,000, the hospital was recently able to purchase six new cardiac monitors and a new central station for our six-bed ER. The donations came from caring community members and prestigious foundations with ties to our mountain community.

The hospital ER had a serious need for new cardiac monitors in the ER. The monitors that they had were at end-of-life status, meaning parts were difficult to find, if available at all. The ER was already down one monitor and couldn’t afford to lose another. In 2016, the ER saw over 10,000 patients, a 60% increase over the last 5 years. Higher patient volume and higher acuity levels made it critical for us to have a working cardiac monitor at every single bed in the ER.

Michelle Payne, RN, standing next to one of the new cardiac monitors.


There will be a new central station that will allow the addition of more monitors to it, so as the ER expands, the cardiac monitoring system can grow with them. In addition to making the ER safer for patients, the new monitors are equipped with the technology that will make monitoring easier for staff. Some of the improvements include:

  •    Touchscreen display and quick access menus puts patient data at our fingertips. The touch screen is much more responsive and sensitive to measuring, so the nurses can get a faster reading and, therefore, treat patients in less time.
  •    The cardiac monitors are integrated with the patient’s electronic medical record, so staff won’t have to manually enter data, thus reducing the possibility of mistakes.
  •    Greater configurability of alarm limits will reduce alarm fatigue.
  •    Each of the new cardiac monitors has a battery, with 3-6 hours of battery life, so the monitor can travel with the patient when they’re being transported to another department.

The next step will be to replace the cardiac monitors in the Acute Care wing and our Post Anesthesia Care Unit. Community members will get a chance to raise money for the additional monitors at this year’s Le Grand Picnic. Call (909) 436-3210 to reserve your spot. Le Grand Picnic attendees will be entered into a drawing to win a gold coin worth over $1,200!


MCH Foundation is dedicated to advancing the hospital’s mission by developing meaningful philanthropic partnerships that help the hospital grow its facilities, technologies and programs. The Foundation supports the hospital by seeking grant funding and creating diverse giving opportunities such as individual and corporate gifts, planned giving, and community fundraising events. The Summit Circle is an annual giving club with 136 members and Le Grand Picnic is the Foundation’s annual fundraising event, attended by over 300 people.