40 King Rescue at Aztec Falls Twin Peaks

By Susan A. Neufeld


On Sunday, June 18th San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Aviation was requested by San Bernardino County Fire Dispatch to respond to the Aztec Falls area for a possible hoist rescue of a fall victim. The Victim Kevin Gaylord, 23 years old from Los Angeles, was hiking when he fell in steep terrain and sustained non-life threatening injuries and could not hike on his own.

The sheriff’s patrol helicopter (40King4) quickly responded to the area located the victim and confirmed a hoist rescue would be required due to the steep and nearly inaccessible terrain.  Sheriff’s Air Rescue 306 responded to the scene and lowered an Air Medic approximately 140 feet own to  Gaylord. Gaylord was placed into a rescue harness and hoisted up to the helicopter and flown to Mountains Community Hospital for treatment of his injuries.