Zippity Doo Dah! The Parade is Coming Saturday, July 22 to Fawnskin!

By Joseph Kelly


Fawnskin, CA – It’s not exactly the Rose Parade, but it is presented with excitement and great circumstance. It’s the Big Bear Doo Dah Parade in Fawnskin. The annual event, in the San Bernardino mountains, promises family fun in the cool atmosphere of Big Bear Valley, as part of the annual Old Miners Days events. The Big Bear Doo Dah Parade is sponsored by Big Bear Miners Association, the Fawnskin Chamber of Commerce, the North Shore Improvement Association and the Big Bear Moose Lodge.


Billed as the “World’s Shortest Parade”, Doo Dah provides more hoo haw per mile than any other. Where else can you see undignified “dignitaries” wearing silly hats riding a mule? Local residents produce this event each year, drawing thousands (dozens) from around the globe, sometimes as far away as Baldwin Lake.

“Big Bear Air Force” thrilling parade goers.

Not to be outdone, the parade may even feature a flyover by the “Big Bear Air Force,” if the pilots wake up in time. The main street of Fawnskin should be full of floats, exotic vehicles and a few wild animals (not including the politicians). Folks wearing gaudy costumes in the middle of the street will be a tip-off  that you’re in the right place, since they are usually on the sidewalk.

Look forward to three blocks of hilarious excitement, beginning just before the Moose Lodge and ending just after the Moose Lodge — which is the location of the Judge’s reviewing stand. Bring folding chairs and a whimsical attitude. Save the date Saturday, July 22, starting at 10 a.m.

If you chew bubblegum bring enough for everybody.

For more information or to enter the frivolity, contact Dave Emig at: or call (909) 229-6726

For entry applications visit: