Lake Gregory Yacht Club Open House – July 14, at the Yacht Club

By Susan A. Neufeld


Lake Gregory, CA – Yes there really is a Yacht Club in Lake Gregory; and they are having a membership Open House on Friday, July 15th, at the Yacht Club, located at 606 Forest Shade Rd, Crestline, CA.  You don’t have to live in Lake Gregory/Crestline to join and the festivities begin at 5:30 p.m.



Lake Gregory Yacht Club (LGYC) is a social and community service organization whose members enjoy a variety of club events and volunteer opportunities within our mountain communities. The club was formed in 2004 by five Crestline residents and has grown in the years following. The members hail from a variety of backgrounds and experience.

The LGYC is very involved in Crestline and surrounding mountain communities. In addition to volunteering at many local organizations fundraising events, they raise money to contribute directly to several organizations annually.

Some members are blue water sailors, model yachtsmen and power boaters. They hold regattas for radio control sailboats on Lake Gregory and it is  great family experience. You don’t have to own a yacht to be a member, many members do not.

The club has an active social calendar, with local events held nearly every month in addition to occasional weekend excursions and an annual 7 to 10 day travel trip.

So, come on out Friday, July 14, at 5:30, for the fun and to learn more about the Yacht Club.