Hoist Rescue of Injured Hiker At Aztec Falls

By Susan A. Neufeld

Aztec Falls, CA – Tuesday, July 18, 2017, the crew of Air Rescue 307 was requested to assist the San Bernardino County Fire Department, Medic Brush Patrol 91, with an injured hiker in the area of Aztec Falls.

Stacy Chavez, a 24 year old resident of Fontana, was reported to have slipped and fallen, rolling her ankle. Once Medic Brush Patrol 91 made contact with the victim, they attempted to hike the victim out of the area but, due to rough terrain, were unable to do so.

Once on scene, Firefighter/Paramedic E. Sherwin was lowered approximately 100 feet to the victim. The victim was transported to Mountains Community Hospital for medical care.