Mountain Homeless Coalition – Homeless Survey Thursday, October 5

By Susan A. Neufeld


Mountain Communities – The Mountain Homeless Coalition is seeking volunteers to assist with the homeless count on Thursday, October 5, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The volunteers will meet at St. Richard’s Episcopal Church, 28708 State Hwy 18, Sky Forest.

This count will assist with information for grants to bring our community up to par with the services being offered over the rest of the county. Since last year, a handful of volunteers have been active in helping the school children (131 as of the end of the school year) by purchasing backpacks and food. Individuals who have contacted the Coalition for help have been referred to agencies, and one family has been housed, but not in our community.

The volunteers will start at St. Richard’s Episcopal church and spread out over the Greater lake Arrowhead area. Volunteer teams will don bright green lime t-shirts and grab a clipboard and ask!

There will be four fixed locations where survey’s can be answered. Hearts and Lives (24028 Lake Dr. Suite A, Crestline, CA), Crest Forest Family Services (21406 Crest Forest Dr. Crestline, CA), St Francis X Cabrini Church ( 23079 Crest Forest Dr. Crestline, CA) and Springs of Live Church (31960 Hilltop Blvd., Running Springs, CA). Anybody who is still living in the open or sleeping in their vehicles is welcome to call and set an appointment.

For further information, please contact Joyce Garrison (909) 754-6956 or Glen Thompson or (909)744-0779.

Until funding is available from corporations or government sources, it is neighbors with a heart who are asked to contribute their time to make our community better.