Lake Gregory Recreation Company Looking Toward the Future

By Susan A. Neufeld

Crestline, CA – ROTWNEWS received the following email from Kris Koeberer, Chief Operating Officer for The California Parks Company, Lake Gregory Recreation:

Rumors have been circulating that The California Parks Company is losing money on its operation of Lake Gregory Regional Park, and that we have lost interest in continuing to operate recreation services at Lake Gregory.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The California Parks Company is making a fair profit at Lake Gregory and we will be submitting a proposal to continue operating Lake Gregory Regional Park for the County of San Bernardino.

Prior to our management of Lake Gregory before 2013, the regional park had not generated a profit in four years. The regional park had cost the San Bernardino County taxpayers over $1.4 million in the two years prior to our taking over its management.

Like most parks, Lake Gregory is an amenity for local residents and an expense to taxpayers. However, the desire – when we took over management – was to reduce the cost of operating the lake to the taxpayers while still maintaining and improving the park experience.

Since taking over, we have reduced the cost to the County 60%. In the first year of operation, we cut the County’s cost by half, decreased by another $50,000 the following year and, last year, reduced the county subsidy to only $50,000, eight percent of what the County paid the year before we took over managing the park.

While reducing the cost to the County, The California Parks Company has also improved the experience for park visitors by:

  • Renovating the San Moritz Lodge and turning it into an award-winning, highly-sought wedding venue for brides and over 4,000 of their guests,
  • Operating the Lake Gregory Waterpark, we installed an Inflated Wibit waterplay structure, one of the first in California,
  • Improving the variety and quality of food service options at Lake Gregory,
  • Modernizing recreational equipment rentals,
  • Donating to numerous charities and community sponsored events,
  • Planting over $100,000 in fish (approx. 25,000 pounds), and
  • Making Lake Gregory a more inviting place to visit.

We are very proud of the improvements we instituted at Lake Gregory, but we could have not have accomplished them without the support of the County of San Bernardino and the Crestline community. We greatly value those relationships and look forward to renewing our assignment to serve the people of San Bernardino County at Lake Gregory


Kris Koeberer

Chief Operating Officer

The California Parks Company

Lake Gregory Recreation