Sheriff’s Aviation Conducts a Hoist Rescue of an Injured Rock Climber

San Bernardino Sheriff Air Rescue Team conduct air rescue in Big Bear.

By Susan A. Neufeld

Big Bear, CA – On Saturday, November 11, Matthew Sorich, a 19 year old resident of Santa Clara, and his friends were rock climbing near Castle Rock Trail in Big Bear. Sorich, lost his footing and fell 15 feet from a large boulder. Sorich, initially lost consciousness and sustained non-life-threatening injuries to his face, head and arm. One of Sorich’s friends reported the incident to Sheriff’s Dispatch and requested assistance.

Sheriff’s patrol (40K1) and rescue (AR306) helicopters were immediately dispatched to the location to rescue the victim.The crew of 40K1 coordinated with San Bernardino County Fire to determine the location of the victim. Fire personnel assessed Sorich’s injuries and requested a hoist rescue due to the remote location and rugged terrain.

The crew of AR306 arrived at the incident location and initiated a hoist rescue. A sheriff’s rescue medic was lowered to Sorich from the helicopter to assist with rescue operations. The victim was secured into a rescue basket and was hoisted up and into the helicopter, followed by the medic. Sorich was flown to a local hospital for further medical treatment.