Scam Alert Regarding Data Storage Limit Messages and Seniors are Being Targeted

Seniors are being targeted with internet scam                                         ( File Photo)

By Susan A. Neufeld

San Bernardino County – Scam Artists may email you with a message that appears to be from your internet provider, cell phone company or computer security company. The subject line of the email will typically state “Update Required”, and the email message will state that you have reached your data storage limit. The scammers will use scare tactics such as, “If you don not update you will blocked from sending or receiving emails and your photos and documents will not be saved.” The message instructs you to click on the link provided, which may even look like your email address, but instead links you to a website overseas and asks you to complete a form that includes your personal information. This form will make you vulnerable to identity theft.


  • Be aware of unexpected emails or text messages that contain links or attachments.
  • Remember that appearances can be deceiving
  • Check with your internet service or cell phone provider
  • Exercise caution with generi emails
  • Question messages contain little or no personal information
  • Use unique passwords

If you think you may be a victim of a scam, contact San Bernardino County Adult Protective Services (APS) at 877-565-2020 or your local police department.