Holiday Shopping Safety Tips from San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department

By Susan A. Neufeld

San Bernardino, CA – The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department has released some shopping tips for the Holidays.  Most of them are common sense, but, when you are in a hurry or under pressure you may forget.

*Don’t leave gifts or items visible in your vehicles.  Secure them in you trunk and out of plain sight.

*Be  aware of your surroundings.  Often people are on their phones and not watchful of suspicious circumstances. If you see something say something.

*If possible, don’t shop alone.

*Take extra precautions while using ATM machines. Only use ATM’s located in highly populated and well-lit areas

*Avoid carrying large sums of cash. Instead, use credit/debit cards for your holiday purchases.

*If your credit/debit card is lost, stolen or misplaced, notify the bank immediately. Keep a record of your purchases to avoid fraudulent charges.

*Park in well-lit and heavy populated areas when shopping in the evening.

*Be aware of suspicious people approaching  you for any reason. During the Holiday Season, people use different methods of distraction, with the intent of taking money and/or belongings.

*Don’t leave your purse, wallet, or cellphones unattended for any mount of time.

*Have your keys in your hand before you exit the store.

Think before you shop and have a safe and happy experience.

The San Bernardino County  Sheriff’s Department  Wishes You a Safe Holiday Season!