Soroptimists Signature Program “Every Girl Counts” is In It’s Sixth Year

The girls of Every Girl Counts, now in it’s sixth year.


By Susan A.  Neufeld

Lake Arrowhead, CA – “Every Girl Counts” is a mentoring, informational, and motivational program for the 6th, 7th and 8th grade girls at MPH. The program is free of charge and meets after school on the first Wednesday of the month, during the school year (school schedule permitting).

The December event was a joint venture between SIROW and the Willow Woods Quilt Guild, titled “Giving Comfort to Others”. Cheryl Wood, a Guild and SIROW member, was the program manager for the event, with Margaret Mueller, another Guild/SIROW member, as her assistant.  The Guild members made 20 quilts, all different sizes, colors and shapes. Cheryl Wood completed sewing the quilts, and then the EGC students completed the quilts by tying a ribbon in the center of each block.

“The girls showed off their quilts that they helped to complete to the group and even named the quilts. Some of the names were: Fall Fabulous, Blizzard, Flower Power, and Summer’s Picnic.”

These Quilts are given to children, by San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, when they have experienced a traumatic event — such as a fire, car accident or a family transition. Deputy Shelby Swanson was the guest speaker and spoke of the importance of having these quilts to give comfort to children, as they are placed over their shoulders for a big “hug”.

The girls showed off the quilts they helped complete, and some evened named their quilts. Some of the names were: Fall Fabulous, Blizzard, Flower Power and Summer’s Picnic. The girls then signed a “thank you” card and presented the completed quilts to Deputy Swanson to take back to the Twin Peaks station.

December is the month when “Every Girl Counts”  completes a community project to show how important it is to give back to others. Some of the organizations benefiting from the EGC program are: Mountain Meals on Wheels, DOVES, the Ronald McDonald House, and Hearts and Lives.