New Women’s Healthcare Services Offered at Mountains Community Hospital

By Kimberly McGuire, Director of Community Development

Mountains Community Hospital is excited to announce that, starting this Friday, January 5, 2018, MCH will be offering additional women’s healthcare services at our Lake Arrowhead Rural Health Clinic.

We have a new women’s health provider, Ruth Mielke, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and PhD, who comes from Cal State University Fullerton’s school Nursing. She will be here to assist the women in the community in the following areas:

  1. Long-acting reversible (not-Permanent) contraception, such as hormonal implant and several intrauterine devices
    1. Device placement
    2. Device removal
  2. Short -term contraception – oral contraception, Caya diaphragm,  condoms, contraception injection
  3. STI (sexually transmitted infection), counseling, screening and treatment
  4. Complete annual examinations inclusive of:
    1. Breast examination and mammogram ( if indicated)
    2. Cervical cancer screening (pap smear)
    3. Cholesterol and diabetes screening (if indicated)
  5. Menstrual problems – no periods or irregular periods
  6. Pre-conception visit – for women who are  planning pregnancy
  7. Pregnancy confirmation visit (free pregnancy test) and counseling.

These services are the result of a new partnership between Cal State Fullerton’s School of Nursing and Mountains Community Hospital’s Rural Health Clinics. The goal of this partnership is to place women’s health nurse practitioner and nurse-midwife trainees at a critical access point for communities near the San Bernardino Mountains. In areas that are  difficult to recruit and retain obstetrician-gynecologist physicians and nurse practitioners, the project is designed to expand women’s health services and create a platform for nursing professional to serve in rural communities. This project is being launched through a  two-year federal grant expected to total $1.4 million.

Ruth Mielke, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and PhD, who comes from Cal State University Fullerton’s school Nursing. (Contributed Photo)

The emphasis will be on the care of women during pregnancy and for well-woman gynecologic healthcare. Mielke states, “This project establishes a new service and academic relationship between the University and Mountains Community Hospital. We’re really excited for this opportunity, and hope it will be beneficial for our students and faculty, and their staff and patients.

“Beyond basic pap smears, the current women’s health care services in most rural clinics are pretty limited. The remote location of the clinics also means it’s very likely women are just letting things go and not taking care of  health conditions early on,” said Mielke. “We’re going to work with their staff and help develop the women’s health in that whole area”

Openings are still available for this Friday in the Lake Arrowhead Rural Heath clinic. We accept MediCal, Medicare, IEHP and family PACT.

Make your appointment by calling (909) 336-9715                 .

We at Mountain Community Hospital wish you a healthy start to 2018.