The Tudor House Presents Suspense Theater, Friday January 5 & Saturday January 6

By Susan A. Neufeld

Lake Arrowhead, CA – Welcome to Suspense Theater!  These are recreations of Old Time Radio Shows and are performed live on stage, along with digital sound effects, making for a wonderful evening with an all mountain cast.

This is a FREE SHOW!!!! Come early for dinner. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. with dinner at 6:00 p.m. Showtime is at 7:00 p.m.

The story is “Devil’s Saint” and a man must prove his love by spending a night in a mysterious bedroom that kills its guests.

The story opens in Paris 1927, at a fancy dress ball in the opera house. Lord Edward and Ilona are enjoying themselves– until her uncle arrives. It is then Lord Edward tells her uncle, Count Stefan Kohari, that they want to get married. The problem is that Edward  and Ilona have only known each other four days. Count Stefan Kohari isn’t pleased. So, in order to “cure” Edward of this infatuation, Count  Stephan invites Lord Edward to his chateau, where he has to stay in the “Tapestry Room”. Everyone who sleeps in that room dies! Will Lord Edward survive the night or will he die too?

“The Devil’s Saint” was written by John Dickson Carr. William Spier produced and John Dietz directed.  The episode first aired January 19, 1943.

You will also hear a homage to Orson Wells on his performance in The Dark Tower. Orson Wells appeared on Suspense a handful of times over the run of the series. This story was first broadcast May 4, 1944.

Come out for an evening of great food, friendship and a free show.

The Tudor House is located at 800 Arrowhead Villas Road, Lake Arrowhead, CA.