Rotary Club Announces New Goal for PolaRotary Bear Plunge

Come jump in Lake Arrowhead, on February 3, 2018, to raise money for your favorite charity. (Contributed Photo)


By Susan A. Neufeld

Lake Arrowhead, CA – The Rotary Club of Lake Arrowhead announces a new goal for it’s Tenth Annual PolaRotary Bear Plunge, to be held at the popular Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa beach. The plunge will be February 3, 2018 at 10:00 a.m.

Having raised $207,000 over its nine year history, the charitable event seeks to add $43,000 in 2018, for a quarter million dollar total. All proceeds  always go to charities, including mountain top and neighboring communities, state, national and international.

The plunge is styled after “walk-a-thons”, volunteers dip into the freezing cold waters of Lake Arrowhead to raise money for the Lake Arrowhead Rotary Foundation AND their favorite charitable organizations. Last year 70 intrepid plungers, representing 27 different charities raised a near record $38,000.

Under the PolaRotary Bear Plunge rules, the first $1,000 that participants or groups raise is split evenly with the Rotary club of Lake Arrowhead Foundation, but every dollar thereafter goes entirely to their respective charities.

Jumpers have included State Assemblymen, County Supervisors, several Citizens of the Year, a college professor, clergymen, school district administrators and board members, and a wide range of business and community leaders. Dr Hugh Bialecki and Dr. Patrick Rains share the distinction of having jumped every year since the annual event began.

There are only 3 rules  jumpers must comply to:

  1. No Wet Suits
  2. No nudity
  3. Complete submersion ( no time limit)

A great tradition is the wearing of costumes and all jumpers are encouraged to come in costume.  Over the nine years there have been sightings of may famous people, Divine Divas, Mafiosos, King and Queens have been seen braving the cold waters.

The Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa is offering a special room rate of $119, please call (909) 744-3020 to make your reservations, The Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa is also graciously allowing jumpers to use their hot tubs, changing rooms, and showers — immediately after their refreshing dip in the lake.

The Arrowhead Lake Association provides approval and assistance, and San Bernardino County Fire’s Cold Water Rescue Team instills confidence in the jumper.

For more information about becoming a jumper, sponsor, or donor, please go to: for more information, instructions, and forms. You may  also contact Dr. Patrick Rains, Chair at or Barbara Doutt at

Don’t miss the fun event, being a spectator is as much fun as being a jumper!