Mountains Group of the Sierra Club to Present Talk on Seismic Activity Near San Bernardino Mountins

By Susan A. Neufeld

Skyforest, CA – The Mountains Group of the Sierra Club will present a talk on the seismic activity near the San Bernardino Mountains. The presentation will be Monday, February 1 2, 2018, at St Richards Episcopal Church — located at 28708 Hwy 18 in Skyforest. The meeting will begin at 7 p.m.

The guest speaker will be Dr. Sally McGill, Professor of Geology and Interim Associate Dean of the College of Natural Sciences at California State University San Bernardino. Over the course of her 26 years at CSUSB, Dr. McGill has published numerous peer-reviewed scientific journal articles on active faults in Southern California, including the San Andreas, San Jacinto, and Garlock faults.

Dr McGill’s talk will portray the San Bernardino Mountains in their geologic context (past, present and future) along the boundary between the North American and Pacific Plates and will summarize the results of recent research, both her own and that of others, regarding seismic hazard along the San Andreas Fault and other faults near the San Bernardino Mountains.