Big Bear Fire Wants to Connect with You — “Let’s Get Social”

By Susan A. Neufeld

Big Bear, CA – Over the past year, the Big Bear Fire Department has transitioned into the age of social media, with the goal of connecting to the community on relevant topics. The Department launched a Facebook in 2017, and a Twitter page shortly thereafter. Now, a year later, the Department has broadened the information pushed out to include those emergency incidents that may impact residents and visitors experiences in the Big Bear Valley. Incidents showing up on social media will include structure and vegetation fires (referred to as FS or FV), traffic collisions with or without extraction (referred to as TC or TE), and Zero Draw Down.

Followers have been responding to Zero Draw Down posts expressing concern. Fire Chief Jeff Willis explains,”Zero Draw Down is used by Big Bear Fire Department when all of it’s ambulances are committed to calls. Level Zero queues the Department’s fire service leaders to take appropriate steps to ensure the areas within its coverage area are safe. While the situations cause our Department to make changes to overcome the challenge of 9-1-1 responses, these situations are typically of short duration”.

During Zero Draw Down situations, the Department will continue to respond to calls; however options to staff additional ambulances may need to implemented. Some options require the alteration of on-duty fire engine staffing, or the Department may activate its recall program, which will page off-duty personnel to respond to the station to staff-up additional equipment. Additionally, all calls are screened by highly trained 9-1-1 operators that prioritize calls based on level of need and make the appropriate dispatch notifications.

Follow Big Bear Fire Department on Facebook and on Twitter @bigbearfiredept for incident information. Additional incident information can be obtained from the Department’s website, The Department’s social media accounts are used only as a method to communicate to the public, but in no case should the public attempt to message the Department through these accounts, since they are not monitored 24/7. To report an emergency always call 9-1-1.