Rim Family Services Has Some Safety Tips for Valentine’s Day

By Susan A. Neufeld

Rim Forest, CA – With Valentine’s Day right around the corner Rim Family Services would like to share some helpful tips with the mountain communities, to protect themselves and their families from potential dangers. Nothing says “I Love You” more than keeping your loved ones safe and healthy.


1.Watch the sparks!

If you are planning a romantic candle-lit dinner or a romantic movie on the couch by the fire, be sure not to leave candles unattended, on unstable surfaces, or near flammable materials. As much as we appreciate our local fire departments, no one wants a romantic evening interrupted by a fire crew. Just in case, keep 911 on your speed dial.

2. Keep the heart beating!

When choosing what to eat for Valentine’s dinner, keep the health of your body in mind. Romantic dinners can be healthy by choosing low sodium, low fat and nutritious foods in mind. Many of our amazing local restaurants have healthy options you are sure to Love!

3. Spread Love not Germs

Valentines Day is filled with hand holding, hugs and kisses. Be sure to wash your hands regularly, especially this year with the flu and colds all around. Consult your Doctor about taking a daily vitamin to boost your immune system.

4. Eat candy modestly

Everyone loves giving and receiving lush chocolates and candy hearts during this holiday. Those sweet candies are wonderful! However, be sure to consider your dental health when deciding  on the amount to eat. Moderating sugary foods can go a long way to protecting your dental health..

5. Keep an eye on the wine!

Valentine’s day can be the perfect occasion to pop open a bottle of wine or champagne and share with that special someone. However, be sure to keep alcoholic beverages locked up and out of the reach of underage youth. Underage consumption has many hard effects on the underage brain; often these effects are irreversible. Also, the San Bernardino County Social Host Ordinance cites people who provide an environment for underage drinking. Protect yourselves, your kids and your wallet by locking it up. Also be responsible with your consumption by utilizing a designated driver, and drink with moderation to protect your own health.

The Rim Communities for Youth Coalition is a volunteer group in the community whose goal is to reduce youth access to drugs and alcohol. If helping the community is something you are passionate about, they are always looking for new members! For more information please call Chris Barrett at (909) 336-1800. From all of  us at Rim Family Services, we wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day! Stay safe!