Multiple Pile Burns Coming to Local Mountains this Week

By Susan A. Neufeld

Mountain Communities – Taking advantage of this week’s winter weather patterns, firefighters from the  U. S. Forest Service plan to begin multiple pile burning operations, which is one form of prescribed burning. Piles, which are made from shrubs and low-hanging tree branches, are the result of forest thinning operations. Reducing these fuels helps to reduce the risk of wildfires affecting communities, infrastructure and watersheds. Smoke may be seen in the air.

List of locations, from east to west:

  • Along Highway 38 near the community of Lake Williams, southeast of Big Bear.
  • City Creek Fire Station along Highway 33, north of Highland.
  • Heap’s Peak along Highway 18, west of Running Spring.

Moving forward with pile burns depends on a variety of factors, including weather and personnel availability. You can check for real-time update on the Forest Service Twitter account.

Smoke may be visible in the air. Drivers in the area should slow down for the safety of personnel on the sides of the local roads.