Rebuilding Building Together Home Selections for 2018

Rebuilding Day April 28, 2018. Volunteer to join the fun day and help homeowners in need. (File Photo)

By Susan A. Neufeld

Mountain Communities – On Saturday, April 28 – Rebuilding Day – six homes will get makeovers! Rebuilding Together Mountain Communities selected six homes for this year. There are 3 homes in Crestline, 1 in Twin Peaks, 1 in Dogwood Canyon and 1 in Valley of Enchantment. On that day, trade and non-trade volunteer will converge on the homes bright and early Saturday, to make the necessary repairs and improvements.

Every one gathers at the Mountain Communities Senior/Community Center, at 675 Grandview Road in Twin Peaks, for a continental breakfast before heading out to help their neighbors!


House #1 is located in Crestline. The home is owned by a 72 year old woman with knee & hip issues. She needs stairs and handrails up the steep hill to her house. She will receive stairs and handrails, cleaning of outside stairs and yard work.

House #2 is located in Twin Peaks, this home is owned by a 51 year old woman with MS who is confined to a wheelchair. Her repairs include repairing a leaky roof, removal of a cedar tree (growing up through the roof and creating an access to the yard.

House #3 is in Dogwood Canyon (Blue Jay) is owned by an 80 year old woman. She needs help with the removal and replacement of her back deck due to age and environmental deterioration, and removal of pine needles.

House #4 is in Crestline and is owned by a 70 year old disabled veteran. His repairs include replacement of back doorjamb of the house, replacing missing direct vent to upstairs heater and yard work for a small area in the back yard.

House #5 is also in Crestline and is owned by a 73 year old woman who is disabled. The repairs include deck repair and yard clean up.

House #6 is in Valley of Enchantment owned by an 80 year old woman. Her repairs include heater replacement, she’s having the sides of her house painted, and yard work.


After Rebuilding day is over, Mountain Sunrise Rotary will host a free spaghetti dinner for volunteers and homeowners at the Mountain Communities Senior Center in Twin Peaks. Rebuilding Together Mountain Communities also gladly accepts cash donations, either by mail or through PayPal on its website.

Send mail contributions to : REBUILDING TOGETHER, Post Office Box 3540, Blue Jay, CA 92317-3540.