ROTWNEWS.com is the end product of RIMOFTHEWORLD.net (ROTW).  ROTW came about when New Jersey transplant Scott Straley, wanted to stay in touch with Friends.  He designed a website where people could post messages to each other in an open public manor.  In 2003 when a wild fire destroyed much of the San Bernardino mountain communities.  ROTW became a life line for the mountain residents providing up to date news about the community and fire information.  In the intervening years ROTW became the local water cooler for news and gossip. When disaster struck again in 2007 with the Wild and Grass fires, ROTW became a life line for the mountain residents again,  the concept ROTWNEWS was conceived by then partners Scott Straley and Dave Henderson.

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News man Michael Neufeld joined the team and began running the news operations.  Michael and his wife Susan later purchased ROTWNEWS.com and began running all operations as a stand alone business.

Michael started the morning for thousands each day with several new news stories along with some whit and humor.  Dave Henderson commented, “He’s a writing machine, he can write four stories before lunch”.  Michael passed away suddenly in 2017.  ROTWNEWS is now run by Susan Neufeld who has picked up the torch to carry on the ROTWNEWS legacy.